90ZYT Series permanent magnet DC motor

  • Voltage Range12 & 24v dc (48v also available)
  • Power Output Range150 to 300 watts
  • Speed Rangeup to 9,000 rpm
  • Operational Temperature-20°C to +40°C
  • Insulation ClassF (Consult us for class B)
  • Bearing TypeHigh quality ball bearing
  • Housing typeClosed (ventilated also available)

Permanent magnet brushed dc motors are widely used in rotary pumps, clay traps, electric vehicles, golf carts, hoists, winches and a multitude of other applications.


Model Voltage Rated Power Rated Speed Rated Torque Rated Current No load Speed Length
Units V W rpm mNm A rpm mm
90ZYT155-12V 12 250 4750 400 23 5540 155
90ZYT199-12V 12 150 1200 1200 23 1500 199
90ZYT155-24V 24 250 4750 500 13.8 5100 155
90ZYT199-24V 24 150 1200 1200 11.5 1600 199



 Shaft EncoderBrake Connector Pulley 

1. Shaft Extensions: All motors can be supplied with single or double ended shaft, according to per customer's request. The length of shaft can made as per customer's request too.
2. Encoder option: All motors can be supplied with different revolution encoder according to customer’s request. 
3. Brake option: All motors can be supplied with brake with or without hand release. 
4. Cable harness: Cable harness with or without connectors can be supplied according customer’s request.
5. Pulley & pinion gear: Pulley or pinion gear is available according to customer's request.

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